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Timesheet that helps you easily manage projects. Track time spent on tasks, invoice clients
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24 March 2009

Editor's review

actiTIME Extended 1.5.2 is an enhanced time tracking software mainly designed for small to mid-sized companies. It provides useful interfaces for time tracking and enables you to manage your projects. The new version offers new reporting options. It allows the manager more control over the regular users.

Pros: actiTIME Extended 1.5.2 can perform a lot of useful functions. It includes reports with data grouping options. The reports also show users’ comments to time-track. Customers can be provided with detailed information on the completed work. There is also a function to lock time-track preventing the users from modifying it. You can configure any day to be the first working day of the week. The software also allows you to customize your workday duration in “hours : minutes” format. The software can also restrict someone’s access to other users’ time-track. Users can register time-expenses for each task, generate progress reports along with billing and overtime reports. The software also allows you to record your time-off and sick leave information along with hours worked. You can enter this information for your past and future dates. There are Staff Output and Overtime Reports in the software that enable you to review users’ time-off and sick leave information as well. You can select several customers and projects at the same time and generate reports. You can also filter tasks by simply going through customers list, projects list or task names. The software supports hire and release dates of each actiTIME user. It contains Auto-login function so you don’t have to enter username and password each time you open actiTIME interface.

Cons: No negative features noticed.

Overall: actiTIME Extended is a web-based timesheet for better project management. It enables you to register time-expenses and analyze employee performance. actiTIME can prepare timesheets in less time for billing the customers. It deserves a 4 star rating.

Publisher's description

Once you start using actiTIME Extended you’ll easily improve work productivity and increase the efficiency of business processes. Look at some of the features that help you to maximize profitability of your business:
(1) Registration of time expenses: Clear and simple way to register worked hours of the current or past week. In addition, detailed comments can be added to the entered time.
(2) Task, project, and customer management: Three-level hierarchy: tasks are united into projects; projects are linked to customers;
(3) Locking Time-Track: "Lock" submitted time-tracking entries from further changes to avoid situations when users edit their data after it has been used for billing, etc.
(4) Flexible time (overtime) reports: Several different time expenses and over-/undertime reports can be generated based on the particular requirements of your organization;
(5) Customer billing: Custom billing types for tasks: billable and non-billable.
Full-featured time-tracking software is available for unlimited number of users. Pay once and get powerful suite of time-tracking and reporting functionalities with forever permanent license.
actiTIME Extended
actiTIME Extended
Version 1.52
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